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Wheel•house is focused on film based work. Narrative film, documentary and commercial work are all within our wheelhouse. We are looking forward to hearing more about your project.


Jeremy Bandow and Adam Olson are the creative energy behind Wheel•House.

Jeremy Bandow is a filmmaker specializing in development and pre-production with nearly twenty years of experience and multiple credits as a working screenwriter, producer, and script doctor. His work has been screened at festivals, including the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival and the Twin-Cities Film Fest, and his script Hive won the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Dedicated to the authentic representation of characters and themes on the most powerful mass media and entertainment tool the world has ever known—the screen—he understands the power film and video have to more than merely entertain, but to reach out, touch, inform, and inspire others. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing: Screenwriting from Augsburg University and a BFA in Film & Video Production from Regis University.

Adam Olson is a filmmaker whose work has been screened worldwide, including such festivals as Berlin, Aberystwyth & Des Moines. By utilizing a strong background in cinematography and photography, his aim is to create innovative and evocative visual stories, and seeks to build upon a long tradition of cinematic storytelling, using imaginative lighting and imagery to capture audiences’ attentions. He holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and a MLS in German Cinema from the University of Minnesota.




Take Me West short film

Our schedules never seem to line up with the film contests, so one day last summer we decided to make this little movie in a day and see what happens. Happy to present TAKE ME WEST, a short film about escape and travel, starring Brielle Carmichael and Mike Cather. Enjoy!


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